T-Shirt HBB "Classic" Longsleeve

Valueweight White, Fruit of the Loom, Front und Backprint, Kornitdruck
Almost like a Kochjacke!
(Abb.: Backprint)


T-Shirt HBB "Vaccinated Camping Club"

Valueweight Yellow T-Shirt, Fruit of the Loom, Front und Backprint
Auch gut für Untertags!
(Abb.: Backprint)

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T-Shirt HBB "Ausländer Ausweis"

100 % Organic Cotton White T-Shirt, Stanley&Stella
"Super Super League", M35 Luzern 2021
(Abb.: Frontprint)


Cap "Healthy Boy Band"

Beechfield, Organic Cotton 5 Panel Cap
Kann man auch im Kaffeehaus tragen!


Magazin "The Healthy Times" Issue 1

Everyone Must Eat.

And, as this is essentially a good thing, the Healthy Boy Band has started a magazine experiment that addresses precisely this issue: All aspects and all forms of eating.

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Magazin "The Healthy Times" Issue 2

No one thought that Lukas, Philip and Felix, alias the Healthy Boy Band, would accomplish a second issue of their newly founded magazine The Healthy Times but somehow they did it. Welcome to The Healthy Times 2.


Magazin "The Healthy Times" Issue 3

Food? Ja.
Art? Nein.
Healthy Taschenbuch Issue 3


HBB Camping Chair

Camping Chair für VACCINATED CAMPING CLUB, Wien 2021
Design by Anton Defant & Benjamin Nagy